About Monitor Construction Partners

Monitor Construction Partners (MCP) is a strategic partnership between three successful construction firms, CM-GC, Dugan & Meyers Inc. and SMC Global. The principles behind our company have decades of successful leadership in the construction industry.

The diverse knowledge of our leadership and partnership with industry professional enables MCP to offer a wide range of Design/Build, Construction Management and General Contracting construction services that include:

  • Detailed Front End Engineering to generate base scope.
  • Accurate & Reliable Lump Sum & Conceptual Estimates.
  • Constructability Reviews that incorporate learn from experience (LFE) with feedback to design(FTD).
  • Value Engineering Services to provide options to our clients.

MCP is committed to delivering quality products on budget and on schedule with enthusiasm, while exceeding our client’s expectations goals and values. We strive to enhance the experience of our clients and bring value through delivery of the best processes and products available in the industry.

Our Partners

We have a proven track record with relevant project specific experience. Our staff includes professional engineers, project managers and administrative support staff. Every staff member is focused on the success of the team. As individuals, each MCP team member represents a depth of knowledge, skill and professionalism earned through years of competitive contract work done locally and across the nation, as well as formal continuous education.


During these difficult economic times, we constantly strive to reduce controllable budget costs. We utilize our knowledge of purchasing, commodity prices, supply chain management, effective internal controls and strict adherence to procedures to deliver projects on budget. We work in partnership with our clients to find the most effective and cost conscious solutions; utilizing our internal expertise and the specialized skill of our subcontractors.


Our employees bring extensive knowledge and experience to every project. We collaborate as a team to provide a spectrum of skills. We build on past experiences, best practices, and industry know-how to quickly determine the most efficient course of action for each project.