Diversity and Inclusion

As a Minority Business Entity, Monitor Construction Partners is committed to diversity and inclusion. We provide a 100% MBE Tier 1 contractual relationship as will as bring Tier 2 and 3 MBE/WBE and SBE subcontractors and suppliers to all of our projects. Monitor Construction Partners provides opportunity for measurable capacity growth for local minority and women-owned businesses.

MCP provides diversity and inclusion planning that includes:

  • Vendor/supplier/subcontractor identification and due diligence
  • Vendor/supplier/subcontractor relationship management
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Partner goal setting and attainment
  • Technical assistance and systems training
  • Bid package planning and review
  • Performance metrics and data tracking

Our Process

We develop an inclusion plan that establishes an expected minimum percentage of diverse subcontractors and suppliers to be used on each project. We work with each subcontractor/supplier to ensure MBE/ WBE/SBE participation.  We show our subcontractors how the development of long-term relationships with MBE/ WBE/SBE firms will help them meet inclusion goals while expanding their markets and providing capacity growth to the minority partner without compromising quality of work solutions. We help them develop and benchmark qualified and diverse third-tier subcontractors and supplier’s relationships through joint ventures and partnerships. 

We also work with each of the subcontractor team to set measurable goals; specifically for the development of the MBE/WBE/SBE firm.  All of these efforts contribute to the overall growth of our local economy and contribute to the improvement of our communities.  MCP tracks work force inclusion numbers for Male, Female and Ethnicity on all of our projects. We prepare reports for our clients benchmarking all results year on year with gap closure improvement plans.