Small Projects

We have delivered a wide variety of projects as both Construction Managers and General Contractors and have a strong background in small project management. This unique blend of expertise, in addition to our self-performing capabilities, has allowed us to develop a clear understanding of costs in the market.

MCP has a full-time division dedicated entirely to small projects. This dedicated construction sector is our Special Projects Division.  Uniquely, we have full-time tradesmen on staff ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Whether it is a small, one-time renovation or repair, a mid-to-large building addition, renovation or tenant finish, or an on-going service agreement, the MCP team can  provide construction and maintenance services quickly. We maintain a large data base of regional sub contractors including MBE/WBE/SBE contractors and have positioned ourselves to work with the best specialty subcontractors in our area, guaranteeing the finest workmanship in every phase of construction.

We always bring the same safety, security and environmental commitment to small projects as we do to multi-million dollar projects.